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Location: Port Jefferson

Touting itself as a hybrid of Sausalito and Greenwich Village attitudes, Tiger Lily Cafe offers alternative fare that promises to tempt both vegetarian and meat-eater taste buds. With eclectic artwork, mood lighting, and groovy music, the eatery tries to emit an ambience of the urban/artsy ilk. The menu is similarly unique (and healthful, too!), with plentiful variations on soy, tempeh, tofu, fresh veggies, and chicken, among others. Liquid lovers will want to sample a Tiger Lily smoothie, hit the juice bar, or indulge in a cappuccino, while foodies might want to try one of the many wraps, salads or veggie burgers. If you can only take just so much of good-for-you grub, there are also homemade cookies, scones, cheesecakes, muffins and tarts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Live musical performances are held here often, and every Sunday there's an open mic for aspiring poets, songwriters and musicians.