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Java Bar

Our Java Bar features espresso shots, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, Oregon Chai, Ghirardelli hot cocoas, and Fontana flavored syrups. We brew delicious espresso and coffees from the Porto Rico Importing Company - Bleeker Street, NYC; and Gillies of Brooklyn… fresh daily, along with a variety of Stash and Twinings teas. We also carry a variety of whole bean flavors.

Daily Brews

Mocha Java - small $2.99 / large $3.50

Our House Blend (medium bodied)

Costa Rican - small $2.99 / large $3.50

Estate Blend (medium bodied)

New Orleans - small $2.99 / large $3.50

With Chicory (strong, smooth & full bodied)

Brooklyn Java - small $2.99 / large $3.50

Strong bold coffee for real New Yorkers!

Decaf Colombian Supreme - small $2.99 / large $3.50

Sweet cupping with body

Southern Pecan - small $2.99 / large $3.50

Delicious Pecan flavor in full bodied coffee

*Refills are full price


Tea - one size 16 oz $3.50

Tea Drinkers can enjoy a wide selection of Stash and Twinings teas.



Single Shot - $2.75

Double Shot - $3.50

We use the finest imported Italian roast espresso beans

Espresso Con Panna

Single Shot - $3.00

Double Shot - $3.50

Espresso topped with whipped cream

Café Americano

small (1 shot espresso) - $3.50

large (2 shots espresso) - $3.99

Espresso and hot water

Lily Latte

small (1 shot espresso) - $3.99

large (2 shots espresso) - $4.99

Espresso with steamed milk


small (2 shot espresso) - $4.25

large (3 shots espresso) - $5.25

Espresso with frothed milk

Mocha Cappuccino

small (2 shot espresso) - $4.75

large (3 shots espresso) - $5.50

Flavored w/Ghirardelli's sweet ground cocoa

*All the above can be made Decaf and Non-Dairy

Add $.50 for Organic Soy Milk


Tiger Lily's Black & Tan - one size $5.75=

Espresso w/steamed milk flavored with Ghirardelli's rich creamy caramel topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate drizzle

Mocha Blanca - one size $5.50

Made with creamy white Ghirardelli's chocolate, espresso and steamed milk, topped with cream

Espressimo - one size $5.50

A creamy European experience sweetened espresso with cream

Java Creamers - one size $5.50

Chocolate Chunk (bits of chocolate)

Coffee Toffee (bits of toffee)

Cookies & Cream (bits of Oreo)

Toped w/whipped cream

Soy Steamers - small $3.75 / large $4.50

Steamed Organic Soy Milk w/flavored syrup

Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Raspberry


Chai Amoré Lattes - small $4.25 / large $5.25

Made with delicious Soy Milk - Aromatherapy for your taste buds! Carefully blended with the finest black and green teas & intoxicating spices from around the world like clove, cinnamon, ginger, cardamon & sweet honey.

East India Spice, Green Tea, Tahitian Vanilla, Wild Raspberry

Note: All dairy free except Green Tea

Oregon Chai - small $4.25/ large $5.25

The original Chai Latte... Organic Black Tea with honey, vanilla bean, ginger and exotic spices.

Red Bull Chai - one size $5.75

Guaranteed to give you a buzz! A shot of espresso in your Oregon Chai Latte.

Hot Cocoa

Mexican Spiced Cocoa - small $3.99 / large $4.99

Celebrated morning brew in Mexico known as "Metate." A blend of ground toasted Cocoa beans, cinnamon, spice, vanilla bean and a hint of almond mixed with steamed milk topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Ghirardelli's Cocoa - small $3.99/ large $4.99

The legendary chocolate of San Francisco topped with whipped cream.

White Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Hazelnut, Mocha

Add a shot of Espresso to your cocoa $1.75 extra

All prices and portions subject to change without notice